The Monastery Moni Esfigmenou
When exactly the monastery, which is consecrated in the Ascension of Christ was built is unknown. In any case, it is part of the older building to Athos. They mention that it was found at 1016.

Although today more people assume that it was founded in the end of the 10th Century, another tradition mentions a monk named Esphigmenos, which is viewed as the founder.
( Greek-Orthodox; Holiday:  40th day after Easter )

Unclear is also the name of the monastery, because "esphigmenos" (the restricted) could be given due to its location. It is like a castle from the Middle Ages constricted by hills, right on the beach of the east coast of the Holy Mountain. The first written mention comes in the year 1030th

The Typikon of 1045 lists the monastery in the fifteenth place. Then from 1095 to 1300 we have nothing about the history of the monastery. Only in the 14th Century, the monastery is mentioned once again. It was from this time under the protection of the Byzantine emperors, as well as donated by Serbian rulers.

Although the direct coastal monastery repeatedly been a victim of pirates, at the year 1533 it was completely destroyed by them. At the beginning of the 18th Century due to high debts the monastery didn’t go well, but for less than 50 years. Around the year 1800 the monks were able to a revival.

01. Moni Megistis Lavra greek-orthodox

02. Moni Vatopediou greek-orthodox

03. Moni Iviron greek-orthodox

04. Moni Chilandariou serbian-orthodox

05. Moni Dionysiou greek-orthodox

06. Moni Koutloumousiou greek-orthodox

07. Moni Pandokratoros greek-orthodox

08. Moni Xiropotamou greek-orthodox

09. Moni Zografou bulgarian-orthodox

10. Moni Dochiariou greek-orthodox

11. Moni Karakalou greek-orthodox

12. Moni Philotheo greek-orthodox

13. Moni Simonos Petras greek-orthodox

14. Moni Agiou Pavlou greek-orthodox

15. Moni Stavronikita greek-orthodox

16. Moni Xenofondos greek-orthodox

17. Moni Osiou Grigoriou greek-orthodox

18. Moni Esfigmenou greek-orthodox

19. Moni Agiou Panteleimonos russ.-orthodox

20. Moni Konstamonitou greek-orthodox