The Monastery Moni Osiou Grigoriou
The consecrated to Saint Nikolaos, monastery, dates from the 14th Century and is relatively young. It is located on the west coast, right on the water and is one of the smallest monasteries to Athos.

That colourful building was founded either by the young St. Gregorios or his teachers, the Gregorios Sinaiten. In a document from the year 1347 it is mentioned first.
( Greek-Orthodox; Holiday: 6. Dezember )

In Typikon from the year 1394 it will be 22nd among 25 monasteries.

Only at 1483 appears again the monastery in old records, as the abbot Aberkios has signed a document in a Slavic language. At this time more than 270 monks are in the monastery. Then they reduced until the Romanian Prince Stefan the Great, rebuilt it.

A major fire in 1761 at the monastery was almost fatal, since the number of monks rapidly declined. Nevertheless, until the 19th Century Romanian patrons assert its existence. It was 1776 when the north wing inaugurated. This was followed by the newly built Katholikon at1779 and the new south wing of the monastery at 1783.

Between 1892 and 1900, the monastery doubled, and more, the monks because from the end of the 19th Century, it experienced a real boom by the influx of monks.

The church is equipped with wall paintings from the 18th and 19 Centuries. In addition, there is one icon in Athos absolutely unusual, a 500-year-old representation of the nursing Virgin Mary (Panagia Galaktotrophoussa). The library of the monastery has 300 ancient manuscripts, and 400 valuable books.

01. Moni Megistis Lavra greek-orthodox

02. Moni Vatopediou greek-orthodox

03. Moni Iviron greek-orthodox

04. Moni Chilandariou serbian-orthodox

05. Moni Dionysiou greek-orthodox

06. Moni Koutloumousiou greek-orthodox

07. Moni Pandokratoros greek-orthodox

08. Moni Xiropotamou greek-orthodox

09. Moni Zografou bulgarian-orthodox

10. Moni Dochiariou greek-orthodox

11. Moni Karakalou greek-orthodox

12. Moni Philotheo greek-orthodox

13. Moni Simonos Petras greek-orthodox

14. Moni Agiou Pavlou greek-orthodox

15. Moni Stavronikita greek-orthodox

16. Moni Xenofondos greek-orthodox

17. Moni Osiou Grigoriou greek-orthodox

18. Moni Esfigmenou greek-orthodox

19. Moni Agiou Panteleimonos russ.-orthodox

20. Moni Konstamonitou greek-orthodox