The Monastery Moni Karakalou
According to a wall painting of the monastery, it is a founding of the Roman Emperor Caracalla (211-217).

The monastery appears first in the deeds of Protos Nikephoros from the year 1018. It is then, however, one of the oldest monastic foundations in the Athos .Some sources believe that a monk named Karakalas founded this monastery in the 11th Century.
(Greek-Orthodox; Holiday: 29. June)

It is located at the coast on the eastern half of the peninsula and the apostles Peter and Paul die here. In the library there are only about 150 manuscripts and almost 2,500 books.

The low inventory of documents, manuscripts and books can also be another factor for the decreasing. Indeed, Lord Robert Curzon visited from 1834 to 1837 on one of his trips, the monastery Karakalou. There, he went along with the abbot in the library, which was in a terrible condition.

He asked the abbot to some writings and books that he wanted. The abbot had absolutely nothing against it and urged him to formally treasures. Today, those kept in the British Library in London. Obviously, this monastery was in past times much larger than today.

This is reflected in a fortified tower and ruins of fortress walls, from the 16th Century. An extensive renovation at the time is due to the Moldovan prince Peter IV Rares (1527-1538/1541-1546). From that time comes the imposing tower, which overlooks the entire facility. The church and the murals contained there originate from the 18th Century.

01. Moni Megistis Lavra greek-orthodox

02. Moni Vatopediou greek-orthodox

03. Moni Iviron greek-orthodox

04. Moni Chilandariou serbian-orthodox

05. Moni Dionysiou greek-orthodox

06. Moni Koutloumousiou greek-orthodox

07. Moni Pandokratoros greek-orthodox

08. Moni Xiropotamou greek-orthodox

09. Moni Zografou bulgarian-orthodox

10. Moni Dochiariou greek-orthodox

11. Moni Karakalou greek-orthodox

12. Moni Philotheo greek-orthodox

13. Moni Simonos Petras greek-orthodox

14. Moni Agiou Pavlou greek-orthodox

15. Moni Stavronikita greek-orthodox

16. Moni Xenofondos greek-orthodox

17. Moni Osiou Grigoriou greek-orthodox

18. Moni Esfigmenou greek-orthodox

19. Moni Agiou Panteleimonos russ.-orthodox

20. Moni Konstamonitou greek-orthodox