The Monastery Moni Zografou
According to tradition, the monastery founded by a community. And supported by the Byzantine Emperor Leon VI. († 912), the Bulgarian tsar Ivan Asen II († 1241), the Serbian Tsar Stefan Dusan († 1355) and the Serbian despot Jovan Ugljesa († 1371).

A similar situation exists with another legend for the monastery it is in the 10th Century with the brothers Aaron, John and Moses from Ohrid.
( Bulgarian-Orthodox; Holiday: 23. April )

Because they do not agree, who is doomed to be presented to a panel and asked for a divine sign.

The day after it was on the table, not created by human, the face of St. George, in which they are so dedicated. And the monastery was named after the unknown artist: "Zografou" (the painter).

Unlike many other signatures there’s no "Abbot" added. It is assumed that George, the painter was at this time the abbot of the monastery, but that is joined only by a monastic community. At the year 980 mentioned again such a community.

First, it was only inhabited by Greek monks, but the Bulgarian monks probably in the 13th and 14 Century was the majority of the monastery.

It is situated in the northern inland of the peninsula and is now almost exclusively inhabited by older monks. The monastery was for centuries of its existence, unfortunately, many times victim of fires, so none of the original buildings has been preserved. The current facility dates back to the complete reconstruction in the 19th Century.

01. Moni Megistis Lavra greek-orthodox

02. Moni Vatopediou greek-orthodox

03. Moni Iviron greek-orthodox

04. Moni Chilandariou serbian-orthodox

05. Moni Dionysiou greek-orthodox

06. Moni Koutloumousiou greek-orthodox

07. Moni Pandokratoros greek-orthodox

08. Moni Xiropotamou greek-orthodox

09. Moni Zografou bulgarian-orthodox

10. Moni Dochiariou greek-orthodox

11. Moni Karakalou greek-orthodox

12. Moni Philotheo greek-orthodox

13. Moni Simonos Petras greek-orthodox

14. Moni Agiou Pavlou greek-orthodox

15. Moni Stavronikita greek-orthodox

16. Moni Xenofondos greek-orthodox

17. Moni Osiou Grigoriou greek-orthodox

18. Moni Esfigmenou greek-orthodox

19. Moni Agiou Panteleimonos russ.-orthodox

20. Moni Konstamonitou greek-orthodox