Athos Stamps


In 2008 the Greek Post (ELTA) began publishing this unique collection of stamps with a total of 4 editions (2008 - 2011).
Many years of preparation had been required to compile these stamp volumes.

The Post with close cooperation with the monks of Mount Athos have created a work with no equal in the 1000 year old history of Mount Athos.

An extraordinary collection of stamps, combined with unforgettable pictures and explaining texts about one of the world's paradises, in perfect quality.


A must-have for all stamp collectors and everybody interested.

The four editions include a total of 89 stamps, many colorful pictures and drawings and their descriptions in Greek and English.


The themes are the following:

2008 "The monasteries of Mount Athos" - 25 stamps - 118 pages

2009 "The life of the monks on Mount Athos" - 20 Stamps - 80 Seiten

2010 "The nature of Mount Athos" - 20 stamps - 80 pages

2011 "The Greek alphabet" - 24 stamps - 78 pages